Bike through the most scenic locations that
the Greek Islands have to offer!

This is a unique outing that is keyed to relaxation! We will not follow a fixed schedule, but will follow the winds and tides. The Motor/Sail yacht Panagiota will be your companion as you explore the scenic Greek islands and see the most remote and secluded areas. The mountain bike rides include guides who will bring you to the most beautiful spots on each island. Previous mountain bike experience is not required and tandem bikes are an option. Your days will be filled with secluded bays, deep blue and crystal clear water and brilliant sunshine in a land full of magical beauty. You’ll see idyllic villages, lonely country lanes and romantic taverns with gorgeous ocean views. This is a place where your body and soul will be in harmony with nature and connect with your inner being!

In addition to Biking in the Greek Islands, we host several other biking adventures at other incredible destinations throughout the world.